About Chantal

“There’s a story out there and I need to write it.”

This is the quote I used for a blog I started when I was 18, not knowing my need to bring my ideas into the world. What is Chantalks? Firstly, let’s give a round of applause to my parents that gave me such a name. Branding is excellent with a name like mine. Okay, I’ll chill.

At 23, I am fulfilling my millennial duty as a Content Creator. I write about everything from pop culture, to mental health, to social reporting. I believe that one day Blue Ivy Carter will be the President of the United States. I really enjoy posting Instagrams that make you believe I’m healthier than I really am. Because I live in the digital age, I just feel like it’s right to use the space that’s been given to us to talk a lot of shit and inspire others. The Internet can be an awful place, but maybe it’s a little naive (and slightly narcissist) of me to think we have the power to make it better.

So none of that gave you an idea of who I am or what this is other than I’m a shambly mess who enjoys rambling. My name is Chantal and I enjoy talking and writing about a variety of things and you’ll see them showcased here whether it be in the form of video, blog, or…list, or..something. It’ll be here.

“About me” sections are stressful. Just click around and enjoy the content!