#xd30 – 18 – what now 

She held in her hands a retraction of admission letter from one of the state’s top universities. Just months ago, She’d tweeted, even logged into Facebook to type a long winded post that annoyed everyone, but they “liked” it. Her Instagram featuring other rising freshmen went viral with over 1,000 interactions.

She worked hard up until this point so it was thrilling to show off. And show out. 

But she’d fucked up and stopped going to classes because the night before bled into the morning. There was no studying anymore and she had a blatant disregard for most authority now that she’d made it.
Come fall, she was out of that town. The school, she was leaving even sooner. 

She had enough credits to graduate, so she did. The Monday morning following she held report card with two Ds and an F. It was jolting, but not enough to worry.

So on the way to the mall for dorm shopping, she caught the mail first and was excited to seen mail from the admissions office. Probably more congratulations and a waste of ink to get her more excited for the impending orientation.

There would always be a clear mark of life before and after she opened that letter. 

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