#xd30 – sixteen – just one more 

There are too many feelings in this room.

The syncopated rhythms of this awful college spoken word team make Tina’s heart hurt even worse.
Not to discredit their experiences, but she could not listen to another white girl channel Maya Angelou to talk sexism in the workplace.
She bursts out the auditorium door into the humid summer air. Campus is quiet, but buzzing. With finals drawing near, students are holed up in any library study room or common area they can find. Except for the ones who know they’re going to fail anyway.
Tina doesn’t know where to go or what to do, she just can’t go back to her dorm. There isn’t much comfort in wandering because she knows every crevice of the institution. There’s no undiscovered territory. 
Just as she makes the choice of going back anyway, Tina sees his short, bulky frame walking towards her. She is only mad because for once, she actually thought, this is it. She is only afraid because she knows the outcome. Tina walks away from what they have and he begs for another chance. And so, one more he gets. 

Just one more. 

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