#xd30 – 13 – every ending has a beginning

The sharp, green blades of the lawn at Camp Pinnacle are maintained by the finest landscapers in North Carolina. On the last day, campers and counselors remained in their bunks as Erin Crosby looked over the hills of her beloved home away from home. She’d gone through two and a half months of arts and crafts, water sports, bonfires, and the same schedule of weekly meals. Homesick kids and bug bites couldn’t dim her spirit. Erin’s heart had always belonged here. This was her second to the last summer, which she only acknowledged when was forced to. 

“I don’t think I know a crazier person,” came a voice hiking up to the spot where she stood.

Erin met Natasha when they were campers themselves. They found themselves hating each other first, then bonding, then back to a mutual dislike, and finally a truce. Natasha hated the upper level boys who had a thing for bullying girls when their body parts developed. So when Erin came back one summer with budding breasts, Natasha had to crush those perves. Even if Erin Crosby was always bitchy.

“Well, you know I have to get my fix before next summer.” Erin responded, unintentionally adding a bit of edge to her voice. 

This was a touchy subject between the two. Natasha had recently told Erin that she wasn’t returning for the summer following senior year. She’d been accepted to an internship program at her university and couldn’t turn it down.

Maybe it was Erin needing to grow up, but she was inconsolable. The panic hadn’t subsided and she continued to wonder what else would change.

Natasha reached over to wipe her tears, the ones that pooled over silently as Erin watched the sun rise. She would be okay, she forced herself to believe. There was still time left. 

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