#xd30 – eleven – homebody 

Lights streak across the faces of the night’s club goers. Purple. Blue. Green.

The bass knocks as some techno beat plays. Elise doesn’t know when music without lyrics became a thing. The entire night has been miserable bopping music that belongs in some kind of video game.

Alyssa drags Elise to Midnight, a bar and dance club, which she insists Elise will “actually have a good time for once.”

It is warm at the crowded bar. Alyssa swears she won’t leave her side but she’s been talking to a group of guys for most of the evening. She is not interested in any of them, but the girl that has tagged along with their group.

Elise will never understand wanting to be away from home this late on a Saturday night. When she was a kid, she imagined all the things she’d do as an adult. Buying expensive drinks, sitting in a room that smelled of sweat and cheap cologne, and wearing heels never made the list.

She did, however, want a companion. Alyssa called it a fuck buddy, and to find one, Elise would need to leave the house. 

Whatever the label, no one was checking for her. And despite being at the club for just one hour, she knew the journey had been a bust. Elise is surrounded by a clusterfuck of bodies but she feels more alone than when she’s at home with her books and wine.

She looks over to ask Alyssa if they can leave yet, but she can’t help but be in awe of her best friend. She’s in her element. Alyssa shines in a circle of people and feeds off that energy. Elise is tired just looking for her.

Alyssa will quickly forgive her for slipping out and taking the first Lyft she sees, back to where she belongs. 

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