#XD30 – four – I hate concerts 

I admitted to my brother a few days ago that I hated concerts.
Which isn’t 100% true, but hear me out.
The bliss of buying the tickets is short-lived. The excitement dies down as you try to collect the money from the group you bought the tickets for. Then the logistics leading up to the show is about the most exhausting process.
“What time should we leave that day?” “Who is going to drive?” “What car should we take?” “What do you mean you aren’t going anymore?”

And then so forth.

The time leading up to a concert is almost overwhelming enough to make you say “fuck it…”

Only then, the day arrives and the stress is eliminated by the joy and camaraderie of the group going with you. The dope car playlist makes everything worth the headache. Almost. 

Then it momentarily comes back when you have to figure out parking at the venue and deal with teenage parking attendants who just want a pay check.
But after that!!

You find your seat, take the necessary Pre-Show Selfie, and awkwardly bop to the opener you don’t know. Then they bring out a DJ to hype the crowd. Which, if you’re lucky, he plays songs that takes everything to another level.

Then the infamous “are you ready to see *insert artist you paid x amount of dollars to see and finally it’s time for them come out only not really cause they need about 15 more minutes for a set change*

It goes dark, a beat drops, a light show paired with incredible visuals: the show begins.

For as long as the artist has the venue, you can forget your life’s troubles and just live. You are free. 

So no, I don’t hate concerts. 

Until it’s time to leave and you have to go back to the real world. 

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