#xd30 – five – still wandering 

June 2014.
A month post-graduation, and I make a YouTube video about Life Post Grad.
It’s a cute stage to be lost. The people around you are encouraging. You believe their words because you just left the confines of undergraduate education. It is easy to remain positive and hopeful. 

It will be okay.
June 2017.
37 months post graduation and my creative outlet remains a ghost-town. I don’t share that part of my life much anymore. I’m embarrassed of my embarrassment.  
It is not as cute to still be so lost. At least that’s how I feel. And people are still encouraging, but I am not as open about the anxiety and depression that comes with this quarter life crisis.
I feel like I have to suffer silently. 
If I’m honest, I’m not sure it will be okay. 

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