#XD30 – Three – Last Word

Maryann was never good at comebacks. During conversations, she’d listen and mull over every word that came her way.
She stayed calm even during the most heated discussions.
With Sam, that was not the case. She felt everything at once and wanted to react immediately. 
Samantha, which her girlfriend of barely two years never answered to, got under her skin. She lived there.
So after probably their 10th fight, Maryann came undone, letting loose. 
“Maybe we should break up then!”
Of course she hadn’t meant it, but behind her soft demeanor was a stubborn, headstrong, drama queen.
So because of this, they went their separate ways and such was the end of Maryann and Sam. So she had to see Sam with other girls. 

Because of this, she witnessed her flirt, then go steady and eventually, fall in love.
The price of having the last word. 

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