Guest Post: Let’s Try a Different Way

I have the honor of posting a poem that was written by a friend who chooses to remain Anonymous. I am always appreciative of poetry and want to expand my knowledge of it, so I was grateful that my friend came to me with this. So please share it if it resonates with you, moves you, or if you just want to share art like I do.



My heart hurts for my family today.

Instead of spreading love, there’s only animosity and hate


You can’t sleep you can’t cry,

You wake up with knots in your stomach only asking why.


Why you want to be hateful, so filled with spite;

You can’t even pray to God hoping he’ll make it right.


This whirlwind gets old and you think you do it alone; ask yourself why all of age have left the home.


The drama doesn’t stop, it’s one thing after another; this bond is supposed to be strong but you can’t turn to each other.


Places and roles it’s like our family forgot, and it sickens me to be associated with this uncontrolled rot.


When things get bad you wanna lose your calm, and all you got is trigger finger and itchy palm.


You can’t see the mental anguish nor the harm, you’re only looking to say “I’m right and you’re wrong”.


What happened to love? What happened to forgiveness? You can’t swallow your pride so we all have to live this.

The structure has broken down to the core, little ones questioning why living anymore.


But it doesn’t matter, you’re blinded by fury and rage, so ready to put this on your social media page.


Don’t make yourself the victim, don’t play that sympathy card. You did as much damage, you made it equally hard.


My soul cries for this family because it’s never been a team and its only building more families on simple minded dreams.


You wanna preach that black lives matter, well it starts from within. If you can’t keep your own home clean guess who’s coming in?


To further tear you down, break you up, and tell you you’re not strong; all because you couldn’t let it go, because you didn’t want to be wrong.


So my heart bleeds for this family today,

Because pride and egos got in the way,

Because the turmoil has left nothing but decay

Because everyone is to hurt to pick up the pieces and say:


“I love you, I’m sorry, let’s try a different way”

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