29. How do I still have a pinky toe?

 Hello and welcome to something that I absolutely have no idea what will turn into. The day, which started well, quickly got trampled and deflated. In my last post, I wrote about meeting people that inspired me at my job. But since then, I’ve been meeting people that irk me, frustrate me, and should maybe learn how to chill. 

Working in customer service is a double edged sword. In a month’s time, I’m becoming stronger. I feel more confident. Being around people again is thrilling and while my job is something anyone could do, I enjoy being able to help and to get money while doing so. It’s a challenge, but there are the people that want to make your day bright. The ones that make the day matter.

And then there’s the Aggravated, the Pissy, and the Rude. I hold nothing against these people that can’t hold it together, but I’ll admit that I’ve had to bite my tongue. I’m surprised it isn’t numb. 

At home, I bring home the frustration a bit. At work, I hold myself together but then across the threshold of endless love and the place I call home is where I lose it. I’m undeserving of the love that’s given to me by these ridiculous, quirky and infuriating people I call family. They ask what’s wrong and never give up on me and only chuckle a little when I stub my toe for the 100th time. Which makes me wonder how the hell I have a pinky toe left anyway…

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