19. Not The Best Day

I didn’t want to skip yet another day of blogging. I’d be well into August catching up on missed blog post days, which would completely defeat the purpose of 31 Days of Blogging in July. Despite the days I’ve missed, I have enjoyed myself and the content I’ve produced. However, I have to be honest about how I am feeling today, which just isn’t that great. 

Whenever I write about my mental health, I’m always in a better place. I have to dig a bit deeper to find where my mind goes and I try not to stay there because I enjoy the happy times. But today I can just scratch the surface and it’s right there. It’s right here yet I don’t have the energy to explain. 

It hasn’t been a good day and I just try to coast through these until they’re not too bad again. 

I have to apologize because forcing myself to write more brings me down further. So, until next time. 

Xx, C. 

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