17. The Nicki Minaj Experience 

In my lifetime, I haven’t been to many concerts. I’m a homebody that enjoys the quiet and reading books on a Friday night. I also get nervous around huge crowds and being enclosed with so many people is a bit anxiety-inducing for me! With that being said, I still push through and try to enjoy any opportunity I get to see a music artist perform. 

A few months ago, my best friend Justin got the urge to buy Nicki Minaj concert tickets. He being the bigger fan than I, bought tickets one night on a whim. I remember laughing at him, in good nature, because I knew how excited he was to be going. And to my surprise, he purchased a ticket for me as an early birthday gift! 

The weeks flew by and we were both increasingly anxious yet excited to see Nicki perform. I didn’t know much about the show or what to expect. But to my great surprise, I had the best time of my life. 

I’d never seen a show at Jiffy Lube Live before. When we pulled up, there were fans of Nicki everywhere, and the buzz was infectious. We didn’t have to wait in line long before the gates opened, and soon we were wondering about the venue. 

Justin bought his 

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