YouTube Channel: Two New Videos!

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, chantalks, then you wouldn’t have known that I recently uploaded two new videos! Let’s fix that ūüôā Go subscribe here!

Check out my two new videos below and share with a friend!

#DearMe is a social media campaign started by YouTube that encourages women to share advice to their younger selves. The impact that I’ve seen so far is remarkable in that so many young women today can watch these videos and find that they’re not alone in their struggles. I think it has been so amazing to hear the unique voices among the YouTube community and social media world. Check out my video above!

I’ve been itching to try new things on my channel. I talk about specific topics, but wanted to see the outcome of discussing various pop culture news and basically…mindless chatter. Mindless Chatter is just a new way to express myself on this channel and hopefully the outcome entertains you! Take a look!

Thanks for watching AND reading. Feel free to share my channel with any friends that you think might enjoy it!

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