1. I’ve been getting bored of my usual playlists as well so thanks for the suggestions! Yess! Someone else appreciates how amazing Mariah is besides me! I love the sound of Betty Who (I actually downloaded her whole cd on spotify). “B.O.B” is now on my running playlist haha. I also enjoyed the Jayz suggestions, especially Beyonce’s voice on “Lift Off”… Wow. Also liked the sound of Karmin- never heard of them before. Some artists that I’ve recently stumbled across are Dawn Richard (I love her song, “bombs”), K. Michelle, and SZA. I’ve also fallen in love with Iggy Azalea haha (“impossible is nothing”, “heavy crown”, and “walk the line”) Madonna is another favorite of mine. If you search her on spotify and look under “singles”, listen to her 6 singles from her upcoming album, rebel heart. I like all of them but “illuminati” and “b**** I’m Madonna” are the best

    • Ah! Thanks for the great comments! Always appreciative of them 🙂 B.O.B. Is probably one of my favorite songs to workout to, so I don’t blame you. Lift Off is also so beautiful! Glad to have given you some suggestions! And thanks for yours, I’m definitely going to check them out. And I’m obsessed with Betty Who so I’m glad you gave her a chance! Old school Mariah is always a good move too haha Happy Sunday!

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